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A Primed Industry

From an investor’s viewpoint, solar is a perfect investment. It is undervalued, forgotten, and on the verge of exploding into the mainstream energy marketplace. This is something that has already been accomplished by the wind power industry. The wind energy industry accounted for over 45% of the newly installed energy systems, beating out gas which only accounted for about 35%, this can be explored more here http://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/wv_chapter2_wind_power_in_the_united_states.pdf. The wide acceptance of wind power promises some powerful growth for solar energy as well. That is why many investors see solar as a primed industry ready to explode into the mainstream marketplace.

Still not convinced? Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Go Solar:


  • Incentives, Rebates, and Credits: Currently, Germany leads the world in solar energy capacity. In an effort to keep up, the United States government has been working with local and state government to offer incentive programs, rebates, and tax credits to businesses and homeowners for making the switch to solar. This means saving even more money, both in the short and long run. These incentives however, are likely to disappear when more start making the switch.
  • The Market: Right now, solar panel prices are at an all-time low. Like many technological triumphs, solar technology is getting more powerful and less expensive. Panels and batteries have gotten so efficient and inexpensive, they are overtaking coal and fossil fuels in cost-efficiency. This is partially due to the rapidly dwindling supplies of coal and oil.


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  • It’s A Great Investment: Something that many do not know about solar energy is that it increases the value of any building it is installed on. That is right, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, installing solar can raise your overall value, while saving you money on your electricity bill. That is a kind of value that investors dream about.
  • Independent Power: Solar energy doesn’t just work when the sun is out. Batteries store energy and give you access to power at all times. Even better, when the power grid in your community goes out, a solar system runs completely independently, so you will have power even when all of your neighbors or business competition do not!


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Opportune Financing

One of the reasons that solar installations are on the rise all around America,is because there are many initiatives being conducted by local, state, and the federal government. One of these initiatives is the offering of low, and even no-interest loans. While many businesses and homeowners want to invest in solar panels, a good portion of them simply do not have the upfront capital in order to pay for material and installation costs. Thanks to many initiative programs however, low interest loans can pay for the installments. In many cases, the monthly payments of these loans are lower than the current electricity bill! Now that’s an easy decision.


Solar doesn’t just benefit homeowners, but businesses as well. That is because Florida is offering a renewable energy production tax credit for businesses and corporations, something that can be learned about more here: http://programs.dsireusa.org/system/program/detail/1608

In fact, businesses are the ones that have the most opportunity to save with a solar system. That is because businesses tend to have much higher electricity bills. By using a cost-efficient renewable energy system, a business can actually increase its profitability simply by cutting energy costs. The best part is that this can be accomplished at no initial cash investment. That is because loan initiatives have low interest rates, and the payments are less than the money the system saves!

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Strategic Investments

A solar system is a dream investment for a corporation. That is because there are so many initiatives and rebates available that a business or corporation can take advantage of. Imagine an investment that had guaranteed returns and required no initial upfront capital! Not only that, it qualified as a tax write-off as well! That is the power of solar. Tax programs mean businesses pay 0%, NO sales tax on a solar system. With a low interest loan that has payments falling below the electricity costs, solar is a win-win investment. Don’t take our word for it though, here is a list of solar incentives in Florida http://www.cleanenergyauthority.com/solar-rebates-and-incentives/florida/.

A Narrowing Opportunity

The reason that solar is such an easy investment now is because many have yet to realize how far the technology has come. Some still believe that it is the inefficient and expensive system of the past. This is no longer the case, and renewable energy all over the world is a fast-growing industry. That is why soon it will no longer be necessary for the government to offer incentive programs for solar, as everyone will pile on to take advantage of the obvious benefits. That is why it is important to invest now, before everyone understands the value!

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Solar Sustainability: An Elegant Solution

Solar Sustainability: An Elegant Solution


In this writer’s opinion, it was only a matter of time until solar sustainability became the accepted and popular solution for renewable energy. As conventional energy sources like coal and oil supplies dwindle, costs are being driven up, and while society usually ignores issues such as climate change, health, and environmental issues, even the all-mighty dollar has begun to dictate that solar is the answer to energy needs. While some may think that a green, clean world powered by free energy is a socialist’s sci-fi fantasy, that is simply not the case. The technology has become more refined and affordable, making it output more for less. With rising costs of scarce coal supplies, solar is the natural solution.


Solar sustainability is the way that the world is evolving. It is inevitable. No longer is solar energy a pipedream idea that is simply too expensive to make realistic. It is simply the next step of evolution for energy needs. As coal and oil prices continue to climb, and solar becomes so efficient and readily available, the breaking point has finally come. It is now cheaper per watt to use solar energy than coal. It is for that reason that you can expect the solar industry to skyrocket over the next few years, something that it has already been doing. Savvy and aware investors are getting into the solar game because they know that the transition has already begun, and soon, everyone will want to capitalize.


The Smart Money

The reason that investors are clamoring to get a piece of the solar sustainability industry is because not only does substantial amounts of evidence point to it being the energy source of the future, but the U.S. Government is encouraging the transition by offering tax incentives, breaks, and grants to encourage a solar switch. There are even subsidiaries that exist, allowing for loan companies to give low to no-interest loans out for solar needs, an unprecedented phenomenon. It turns out that the sun has been showering us with wealth the whole time, and nobody noticed until now.


An Experienced Guide

The industry of solar sustainability can be a complicated one. Many social, business, economic, and government connotations come along with implementing a solar system. That is why it pays to have an experienced guide on your side, someone that can help you find out what the right solution is for you. 3-D Solar prides itself on transparency, never selling their products, but only educating on the benefits. They are simply on a mission to help provide a more elegant solution to energy issues.

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Solar Sustainability: Pool Problems

Solar Sustainability: Pool Problems

Summer Fun

So you are probably asking yourself, what in the world does solar sustainability have to do with my pool? Well, you would be surprised to find that the answer is, quite a bit. While the value of a pool becomes apparent during the summer, as it is a great place to make memories with the family or just cool off after a long, hot day, in other months a pool may just seem like a big waste of space. That is because while the pool gets plenty of attention in the summer, it spends most of the other months just collecting leaves, insects, and the contents of your wallet.

Feeling the Heat

I know, I know, I still haven’t give you a reason why pools and solar sustainability go together, but just be patient. A common solution for making a pool usable for more than just three or four months a year is to heat it. However, if you have ever tried this or know somebody that has, it can be a costly affair to heat a pool, especially all year. Pool maintenance and expenses accumulate year-round even if you aren’t heating it. Between cleaning, filters, chemical treatments, covers, pumps, and more, a pool can cost big money in the short, and the long term. However, solar sustainability can make the luxury of pool heating available for any income level, something the table below shows.


Affordable Luxury

Using a solar sustainability system to power your pool and heat your water doesn’t have to be expensive, and really, it isn’t. When you examine it, a solar system requires almost no maintenance, offers free energy for 10-20 years (more than double some of the best systems), and the costs to heat your pool is nothing more than installation. Solar pool heating has made the costs of  keeping a warm pool all year long not only manageable, but even a possible source of income! That’s because if you produce more than you use, your utility company will compensate you for any excess energy. Imagine getting paid to live in luxury!

A Well-Timed Opportunity

Now more than ever, solar sustainability has become an economic and obvious solution. Government incentives, low to no-interest solar loans, grants, and other resources provided have made switching to solar a real possibility for anyone, regardless of their income level or situation. That is why the smart choice is to contact a seasoned and knowledgeable member of the 3-D Solar team to see what possibilities exist for you.

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Solar Sustainability: Energy For Everyone

Solar Sustainability: Energy For Everyone

Under One Sun

Regardless of our differences, humanity all has one thing in common, they live under and rely on the energy of the sun. That is why solar sustainability systems make such a good choice for renewable energy, as we already rely on it on a daily basis. The sun’s energy is unique because it is plentiful, free, and can be used by anyone at any time. Nobody has ownership of the sun’s rays. Nobody can charge you to sunbathe or to watch the sun set over the horizon. The sun is an energy source that gives indiscriminately to the rich, the poor, the under and over privileged. The sun even teaches us that we should share, as when it sets for us, it rises for others.

Solar Powered

Going to a solar sustainability system is a natural choice for people. That is because whether we realize it or not, all of us are solar powered. What do I mean? I mean that everyone on the planet already relies on the power of the sun to live, and not just for staying warm. When you are eating dinner you don’t think about the energy your food needed to provide the energy to you. However, no matter what you eat, all of it was provided initially by the sun’s energy. So every time you eat, really you are just absorbing trace amounts of the sun’s energy. That is because the sun’s energy nourishes plants, which nourish animals, which nourish us.


A Powerful Ally

You may not realize it, but one of the most advanced solar sustainability systems on the planet is, well, the planet itself. That is because Earth relies on the sun for many things. Not only does the sun keep the planet warm, it keeps it in orbit, giving it predictable patterns and seasons that help sustain life and keep us from floating randomly through space. If that was not enough, the sun also emits an electromagnetic field called a heliosphere, which protects every planet in the solar system from harmful cosmic rays and other unpredictable bursts of energy. It is because the sun already acts as a provider, that it only makes sense to take advantage of this powerful ally.

An Old Friend

The team at 3-D Solar have been working with solar sustainability systems for many years, doing residential, commercial, and government systems. You could say that 3-D Solar and the sun are old friends. That is why if you are considering making a smart investment and switching to a solar system, 3-D Solar knows of many technologies, government resources, grants, and funding that can help you get started.

To learn more about the possibilities, visit http://3-dsolar.co/news-solar-sustainability.html.